XDIN started in February 2002 Child Watabaran Center Nepal (CWCN) – an environmental school for street children in Kathmandu. The purpose of the school is to offer street children the opportunity to choose a different life than the one on the street and to reintegrate the children into a normal life. Today, 60 students have taken the huge step towards independent living.

The school´s goal is to become self-sufficient

Today 63 children live and receive training in the new school buildings that were inaugurated for a little more than a year ago. The children has theoretical training combined with various projects that provide practical knowledge. Over the years the school’s activities have developed; in addition to the boys’ and girls’ schools there is now a home for youngsters, an electrical taxi-bus, a mobile healthcare team and a healthcare clinic. 3000 children received healthcare during 2012.

The school’s long-term goal is to become self-sufficient. A company – Social Business Enterprises (SBE) – is currently in operation, where all the profit is ploughed straight back into CWCN.

Although we value our customers and employees high, since Christmas 2001, we do not hand out any Christmas gifts. Instead, we invest the money and additional resources at CWCN, allowing both customers and employees directly involved and committed to the project.

XDINERS involved

Since 2002, several XDIN employees has participated in the development of CWCN. In the spring of 2008 John Nordstrom was in place to lead the startup phase of the construction of the new buildings. In September 2009, the new building was inaugurated with the participation of a number of CWCN’s sponsors as well as parts of the Nepalese government. XDIN´s Olof Stenlund was attending the opening ceremony and spent a week in Kathmandu to work together with other sponsors to plan how it will evolve.

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