1991 | XDIN is founded on 6 November in Göteborg with services around mechanical design and product development.

1994 | Electronics activities start up. Turnover amounts to 10 MSEK.

1995 | Calculation activities start up. Turnover amounts to 27 MSEK.

1996 | CAD training starts. Turnover amounts to 48 MSEK.

1997 | An office in Virginia Beach, VA., USA opens. Turnover amounts to 94 MSEK.

1998 | The XDIN AB group is created. Activities within IT- and system development starts. Turnover amounts to 107 MSEK.

1999 | Acquisition of Kestra, active in simulation and logistics. Turnover amounts to 122 MSEK.

2000 | Acquisition of MBM active in business development with the Business Modeler® programme. Acquisition of Tadco active in embedded systems in vehicles. ISO-certified for 9001 and 14001. Turnover amounts to 139 MSEK.

2001 | Bure Equity becomes a partner in XDIN. Turnover amounts to 173 MSEK.

2002 | Foundation of Child Watabaran Centre Nepal for street children in Kathmandu, Nepal. Turnover amounts to 179 MSEK.

2003 | Office in Stockholm opens. Turnover amounts to 200 MSEK.

2004 | Through a MBO (Management Buy Out), from Bure Equity XDIN once more becomes privately-owned. Turnover amounts to 233 MSEK.

2005 | Continued strong growth and good profitability. Average growth since the company’s creation amounts to approximately 60 % per annum, and for the three last years to around 18 %. Turnover amounts to 290 MSEK.

2006 | XDIN celebrates its 15th birthday. Turnover amounts to 310 MSEK.

2007 | The Dutch car leasing company LeasePlan comes on board to sponsor CWCN by buying land and building another school.

2009 | Tvakanten AB, a Swedish corporation, acquires the US subsidiary XDIN, Inc. from XDIN AB.

2009 | The financial crisis and recession meant that the year became one of the toughest in XDIN’s history. However, we still avoided posting red figures. XDIN opens an office in Trollhättan. Turnover amounts to 378 MSEK.

2010 | XDIN continues to grow within several sectors and the turnover amounted to 466 MSEK.

2011 | XDIN opens offices in Malmö, Västerås and Linköping. We celebrate our 20 year jubilee! Turnover amounts to 647 MSEK.

2012 | XDIN acquires Enea Experts and in doing so increases its expertise in embedded systems, testing & quality assurance and systems development. To be continued…

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