XDIN’s Design and Visualization department is a group of employees with a wide area of expertise within the fields of vehicle design, product design, colour & trim design, CGI, 3D modelling, animation, augmented reality, photography and graphic design. Our absolute goal is to offer customer-specific total solutions in design and visualization over the entire product development process.

The visualization team is a group of experienced 3D specialists, illustrators, flash and 3D animators, photographers, technical authors, graphic designers and project managers. The products we create are not just ‘modern and attractive marketing materials’ in the form of images or animations. In addition they are to be seen as powerful communication tools. We create greater understanding and contact surfaces by producing illustrative, educational and more focussed material with which both costs and lead times can be reduced. With our expertise and depth of talented product designers and CGI artists, we can help you carry your idea from concept to the finished product!


XDIN has unique visualization expertise in the industry. The majority of IT and product development companies have to buy in visualization services from third parties, whilst XDIN Design and Visualization already has this resource within the organization. We are currently helping many of Sweden’s leading companies to produce material in the form of technical illustrations, CGI images and animations where products can be displayed at a photo-realistic level if so desired. Through allowing the visualization work to run in parallel with our other product development departments, we are able to save the customer both time and money.


Design plays a decisive role in strengthening and raising the customer’s brand.

Our strength lies in our creativity, visionary thinking and curiosity gained from many sectors of industry, primarily the automotive industry. We offer the right expertise using creative methods and complete design solutions from concept-idea to the finished product. Our areas of expertise cover Concept development, Product design, Colour & Trim Design, Vehicle design, Shape & form composition and Studio engineering.

We are equally happy to take on projects either on-site with the customer or as in-house projects across the entire field of design.

Proven track record

Since the beginning of the 1990’s XDIN has been offering CGI imagery, 3D visualization, animation and graphic design. We have a long track record with several of Sweden’s major companies, amongst others being Atlas Copco, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, SCA, Husqvarna, Ericsson, Metso Power, Emerson, ESAB and many others.

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