We Analyse, develop, test and deliver cost-effective solutions that strengthen our customers’ competitive edge.

We are active in all phases of the system development process with the goal of sharing our professional skills to contribute to more efficient projects and lower development costs to our customers. Our customer solutions are delivered partly as a total project delivery (in-house or at the customer’s site), and partly as a resource reinforcement for the customer. The framework of our offering covers everything from prestudy and systems development to test delivery and administrative tasking. We have extensive experience in software development for complex systems for product companies with the telecomms and IT sectors, banking and energy industries.

Our long-standing experience in running delivery projects with interdisciplinary expertise have made us into an appreciated partner for customers within several different sectors. Our expertise spans everything from database development, systems development and testing to interactive design and user experience. This implies that we can take on board complex and technical projects and deliver the very best user experience to our customers. All of our projects are conducted with agility and we can offer expertise in, for example, Scrum and RUP.

We also assist our customers to create the conditions for a high level of software quality by sharing our knowledge with their business, and through the introduction of the correct methodologies and tools.

Areas of expertise

  • Telecomms and IT (GSM, 3G, LTE, IP, SIP, iOS Android, App development)
  • Software quality
  • Agile development and testing methods (XP, Scrum)
  • Software architecture
  • Programming (Java, Java Script C++, C#, C, .Net, Pike, Delphi m.fl.
  • Application development
  • Software development platforms
  • Cloud solutions
  • Test system development
  • Database development


Major customers: Telia, Fortum, VCC, Siemens, Nordea, Ericsson, Saab, Motorola, Sectra, Rosemount and SICK IVP

Industries: Telecomms, Energy, Automotive, Defence, Banking & Finance, and other fields of industry.

Number of consultants: approx 100

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