We develop and adapt CAD & PLM systems for our customers. With our 20 years of experience, we know that good PLM solutions consist of so much more than solely software. In this sector we help our customers with maintenance of existing systems, roll-out and updating, methodology development, support and training.

Methodology development & Support

Our consultants have extensive experience of methodology development and help our customers to utilise their tools’ capacity to the maximum, and to minimise the risk of expensive mistakes.

Through methodology development we tackle and question how the maximum capacity of the tools can be achieved, how well people, processes and systems work in harmony and how one chooses to continue development. We streamline working methods in order to raise the efficiency, integrate the other tools and processes in the business and to work to produce new technology.

We conduct support in various forms and scope, on site with the customer or alternatively via telephone or internet.


XDIN Training supplies CAD and PLM training within Dassult Systemes’ and PTC’s product portfolios. Our instructors have many years’ expertise in design and training, alternating training projects and actual engineering projects, ensuring that the training courses are anchored in the real world.  We carry out training courses both on site with the customer, or on our own premises, with many of them adaptable to suit the business. Our customers are companies developing products, ranging from sole traders to major international groups. The basis is founded on problem-based learning with rising degrees of difficulty with theory being interweaved with practical examples and exercises.

XDIN is a Certified Education Partner of Dassault Systèmes.

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